Thursday, March 10, 2005


Find out what it means to me.

It is Penis Week here at The Pissed Kitty Cometh.

You are all going to think I've taken a big horndog horse pill, as the male member seems to be the running theme this week, but that is not the case...I was simply doing a bit of research as requested by Non-Girlfriend when I came up with this dang lame name game.

But first, a bit of background material:

Non-Girlfriend: Is "peni" REALLY the plural form of "penis"? Inquiring minds want to know.
Me: Gee, NG, I do not know that. I must find out...!
Dictionary.com: pe·nis n. pl. pe·nis·es or pe·nes
MerriamWebster.com: Inflected Form(s): plural pe·nes /'pE-(")nEz/; or pe·nis·es
Me: Excuse me, waiter, but these penes are inflected...
Etymology: Latin, penis, tail; akin to Old High German faselt penis, Greek peos
Me: Excuse me, Sir(s)...but your tail(s) are on backwards...!
AcronymFinder.com: PENIS is also an acronym for:

Spectroscopy (NMR technique)

Me: Do you think they did that on purpose...? And of COURSE it's a weapon...grrr.

But, huh! I did not know that. And when have you ever heard anyone say, hey, Lorena! Slap some penes on the barbie...!? Or, Mission Control, the P.E.N.I.S. will engage in T-3, 2, 1...? Only never, that's when. Tsk, tsk.

Well, enough about them. You know what they say...too many cocks spoil the soup. (They're kind of stringy.)

But hey. Learning is fun!

Hrm. I wonder if *I* am an acronym for anything. Let's see...why, yes! I am an acronym for:

Rapidly Adapting Receptors
Rarotonga, Cook Islands - Rarotonga (Airport Code)
Real Aperture Radar
Recorded Accomplishment Rate
Refund-Anticipated Return
Release After Reception (token ring, IEEE 802.5)
Remedial Action Report
Remote Access Router (DSL Modem/ router)
Report of Actual Reimbursements
Rescue and Recovery
Resource Adapter Archive (J2EE)
Resource Allocation Request
Revenue Agent Report (US IRS)
Revise As Required
Rhodesian African Rifles
Roshal Archive (compressed file format; file extension)
Royal Australian Regiment
Runway Acceptance Rate

Pretty accurate, I would say. Ta-da...!

Or, make your own freakin' meme.

What about your name and/or initials...? Or fake name? Or dog's name, even? Is it a pretty accurate description of what you (or your dog) does in life...?

Go here...put 'em in, and lemme know what comes out.

Hopefully not any penii penes penises.


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