Tuesday, March 08, 2005


What do you do when your ex-what-the-hell-was-he-anyway?, totally unprovoked, starts sending you nekkid pictures of his nibs?! Among other things....?

Do you:
~forward them to your girlfriends with accompanying "eeeeee!" commentary?
~forward them to your boyfriend?
~make a lovely online photo album for all your friends and family to enjoy?
~put 'em in Photoshop and draw funny mustaches on their genitals?
~print 'em out and send 'em to his mom?
~print 'em out and mail 'em to his current girlfriend?
~use 'em as cover art for your new band's breakout CD, Rejected Crotch?
~go home and take unflattering photos of your hamhocks in order to discourage him?
~tell him you have recently become impregnated, infected, or transgendered...?
~tell him that you actually bore his child four years ago and named him "Smedly" and that he owes back child support...?
~send him assorted images of other people's rump roast just to see what he'll do next?
~it's not like he'd recognize yours, anyway. He was drunk for those 2 yrs.
~put 'em in the cat box and survey your cats' opinion of said photos?

Hrm. 'Tis a quandary.

What would you do...?

For the record, I have already done 1-4.


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