Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I was going to write about this Newsweek bullshit, and how I don't think one journalist's mistake, or allegations about an alleged Koran being flushed down an alleged toilet anywhere, anytime is an excuse for a bunch of fanatics to kill people; and how religious convictions are in your head and in your heart, NOT in a fucking book (or in a toilet, for that matter, unless you're a total amoral bullshit artist), but I was getting too angry and hateful towards hypocrites and religious extremists, so here are some cat pictures instead.

This is my Katina. She is helping me cat-sit The StoOpid Kitty and she isn't exactly thrilled about this, hence her nasty expression:

Or maybe she is mad about the Koran b.s., too.

This is The StoOpid Kitty. She isn't too ecstatic about this whole cat-sitting thing, either:

Now, c'mon, girls. Tell me how you really feel.


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