Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Does anyone else think it's weird that when I did a title search for "I Prefer Anal" (don't ask) the movie database gave me...crabs. No-!...the shits. No!:

A search for "I Prefer Anal" found the following results:
Titles (Approx Matches) (Displaying 9 jizzilion results)

1. Irgendwo h├Ątte ich sonst hingewollt (1995)
aka "I Would've Preferred Any Other Place" (wouldn't we all...?)

2. Experience Preferred... But Not Essential (1982)(TV)
Don't they mean Assential...?

3. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) Well, do the drapes match the...?
aka "Domnii prefera blondele" - Romania
aka "Homens Preferem as Loiras, Os" - Portugal
aka "Cavallers prefereixen les rosses, Els" - Spain (Catalan title)
aka "Caballeros las prefieren rubias, Los" - Argentina, Spain


4. Ankles Preferred (1927) Was this a dirty film in 1927...?

5. Man's Favorite Sport? (1964) It is? YIKES...! Pass the duct tape, girls!

6. Gentlemen Prefer Nature Girls (1962)
aka "Gentlemen Prefer Girls" - USA (promotional title) Oh, do they, now. This is news to me.

7. Vivi o, preferibilmente, morti (1969) aka "Alive or Preferably Dead"
You haven't really had anus until you've had dead anus.

8. The Strawberry Roan (1948)(Finland) aka "Preerian laulu"
...or horse anus.

9. Preferisco il rumore del mare (2000)
aka "I Prefer the Sound of the Sea" - (English title)
Honey...I think most of us prefer almost anything to that.

Smartass IMDb.


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