Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I have just not been feeling myself lately. Actually, I felt myself twice last night...yoiks!

It's just that I've been playing a very stupid game of trying to figure out which cat has the diarrhea. I am not happy about this. If I wanted to clean up fecal matter for a living, I'd become a mom (ducking to dodge loaded diaper-bombs)!

I suspect Zippy. He is the only one who has been ingesting anything unusual lately (Clavamox). I am off now to look up the side-effects for this med but the other thing I have to do is to isolate each cat tonight in a separate room to play this stupid game of Poo Clue, but instead of with a Knife in the Kitchen, a Candlestick in the Conservatory, or a Lead Pipe in the Library, he's doing it in the Closet, with SHIT.

Alternatively, we will be playing Poop Chutes and Ladders, Crapple, Go (name unchanged), Mahdungg, Dunginoes, Poopopoly, Crappage, Crapgammon, Pissk, Wee-Weeja Board, Runny, Crappleshit, Yuckzee, Straweego, Name That Poop!, Hide and Go Pee, or possibly The Cat Shat in the Hat.


If this cat ever takes a solid poo again, I will be so happy, I will go to an ice rink and play a game of hockey using the turd as a puck.


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