Friday, July 15, 2005


1) Naughty bits: Sergei is accepting nekkid pictures for the occasion. I don't know about from dudes but I encourage you to show him your dong, because I am evil like that.

2) Kibbles 'n Bits: please enjoy this dancing dog. Even though he looks kind of taxidermied. Get down-! No, really. Get down, doggie.

3) Nostril bits: did you know there are extra-large Breathe Right Nasal strips for people with a little extra in the snout department...? I did not.

4) Goat bits: I like iced tea. At Central Market in Austin, I had a tea called "Metabolic Frolic." I could use some more of that, but I have to make do with bottled tea. From the cap of my current favorite, Honest Tea: Tea names we considered and rejected: Serenitea, Equalitea, Fertilitea (YIKES!), and Goattea.

Goattea...? Sounds a little too organic.

I could not, would not, on a boat. I will not, will not, from a goat. I do not like this Goat Pee Tea. I do not like it - that's just me.

The Lemon is pretty good, though.

'n bits.


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