Thursday, July 07, 2005


I am reading in horror about the London bomb attacks, and thinking many terrible thoughts, and none of them are humorous.

Except that maybe now I really need to get a bicycle.

We are apparently on high alert for our transit system over here, too. I wouldn't think L.A. would be a huge target because only poor people ride the bus here and nobody cares about us.

But still, eep.

Besides, if I had a bicycle, I might run into this guy. Literally.

I thought the title of that article was a joke. I've never heard of anyone being "lightly hurt" outside of a Monty Python sketch. That's like being "gently killed".

Jeez. He sure falls off things a lot. I mean, he ate it on his bike at least twice (that we know of) and he fell off a giant Robocop-lookin' dorkmobile uh...a Segway, for crissake?

Damn. He's a regular Three Stooges, all by his lonesome. He'd be pretty darn funny if it weren't for that fact that he's President.

Be safe, everyone. We'll need it.


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