Monday, July 25, 2005


I don't care how cheerful you are in the morning. Please keep it to yourself.

Can not stand people who insist on noticing things on my person, trying to make conversation, breathing, or generally being chipper with me before 4 PM. Granted, they could probably say, Congratulations! YOU WON TEN MILLION DOLLARS-! Here is free money and sex! and I would still snarl at them at this hour.

I need time to settle, and to notice whether or not I have clothes on, and/or if they are inside-out, or if there is an entire cat adhered to my rear which I may have overlooked. I am not Captain Observant in the morning. Most likely, I will not notice if there is an eye booger the size of King Kong teetering precariously from my eyelash until it falls into my coffee because, damn it, I needed that coffee.

Also, as I was riding to work on my Schwinn Steel Alloy2000 Plus for the Larger-Pantsed Lady, I hit a puddle and some of the dirty caca water splashed up and into my mouth.

Guess that's what I get for having it open.


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