Sunday, August 07, 2005



There's a whole passel of 'em downstairs right now, before fucking 1:00 on a Sunday. One of 'em even had the nerve to touch me. I said, "aaaaaagh-!" Cranky semi-apologized, telling Mr. Grabby I was "pre-coffee." Urrrgh. Shudder.

Now one of 'em is belting out showtunes, while another does her best to look provocative despite the fact that she is married for support reasons so she can go out and audition for commercials, but the joke's on her. She gets hired to play wives and mothers, and pregnant women, even though she's not pregnant, since she's maybe a size 6, which in L.A. = a cow.

Then she proceeds to smoke, which is only going to make her look old and wrinkly before her time, and when she dies alone of emphysema after her husband has left her for being such an attention whore, she can ask herself if was all worth it for that 2 seconds in an Arby's commercial.

Ha, ha. Stupid actresses.

I think I'll hold an audition of my own, where for 45 mins., they have to absolutely shut up. No emoting, no being all loud and actory, no showoff jazz hands, nothing.

I'll bet you $1.50 they can't do it.


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