Friday, August 19, 2005


I'm making a list, for my own evil purposes, of nicknames for much-loathed (or even tolerable, but "a bit hard to take") relatives, friends, and acquaintances.

I was going to confine The List to names for evil stepmonsters, such as:

The Slunt
Pretty Horrible Tits

or pseudo-/stepdaddies:

The Twat

(I know, I'm missing plenty)...but I thought everyone should be allowed to play. So feel free to let it fly at in-laws (Fugly, Jabba), redheaded stepchildren, (Shovel Boy), grandpas (Big John, the Hair Wizard), grandspawn (The Terrorist), ex-friends (Spit & Spat), ex-boyfriends, what have you.

Surely some uh, loved one has earned a horrible moniker you would like to share?

Mine was "Roach" (don't ask). And lately, "Bouncer" (not gonna tell you that, either).

I think my own stepmonster got off easy with "Piggy". Surely my mom could have been a bit more creative than that.


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