Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Someone has been ripping off my shit.

I cannot imagine who would want to copy my poo, but to them I say, fuck you, (Fric 'n) FRAC. You suck moist, hairy, residual asswipe dingleberries of plagiarism.

Fortunately, no one seems to read their shit anyway, except for the kind person who alerted me. Can't even see it, or find anyone who's linked it. Good. Shit sucks - after all, it is apparently mine.

Furthermore, I am also incensed over the disposable phenomenon. Not that I'm an innocent -I've been known to sample the occasional throwaway wipes-the-floor dealy. Too bad they don't actually work. At least, not better than getting down 'n dirty on hands and knees with a bucket, naked and cussing, and slip-sliding all over the filthy, cat pee-encrusted floor until it shines like my t-zone on a hot day.


The thing that really kills me are those di$po$able toilet bowl bru$he$. What the...WHO CARES if you reuse a toilet brush? IT'S A TOILET BRUSH. Designated for cleaning the toilet-! What were you gonna do - lick it?! No. You use it to clean the toilet ONLY, not to brush your teeth, comb your hair, or exfoliate your bottom.

Jesus. People are acting like their baby was gonna suck on it or something. Which they might. Babies are stupid.

In which case, I would suggest merely storing the toilet brush away from the evil, drooling spawn, where you keep your other chemicals and household cleaning supplies.

Unless you are a typical mother, and are making crystal meth in your kitchen. In which case, there is no help for you, and yeah, you should buy the disposable crapper brushes.

And a gun.

Thank you.


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