Monday, September 26, 2005


I will not bore you with the mundane trivialities of how everyone in my orifice seems to be making a horse's arsepain of themselves today, so here are some thoughts on bad advertising, or badvertising.

1) A talking, dancing, or otherwise computer-generated baby is never a good idea. The real ones are creepy enough as it is.

2) Women creaming themselves over yogurt? Or other "diet" foods, for that matter? Never happens. Unless it's the kind of Middle Eastern yogurt cheese which I have in my fridge, which contains at least 5g of fat per teensy tiny spoonful. Suck on that, Yoplait.

3) Kitty litter commercials are delightful; diaper commercials featuring children plonked into fairy-tale settings with glitter-peeing glow bugs and such, squealing delightedly while crapping their pants = not good.

4) Scratch-n-sniff feminine hygiene products - also
very undesirable. I have noticed now they have taken it one step further, and are putting those scent-tabby things inside magazines, like they do for perfume. STOP IT NOW, Tambrands. No one wants to sniff your lady problems.

5) A sleeping pill with a side-effect of diarrhea? Also a very bad idea.


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