Friday, September 02, 2005


I accidentally made a mistake, or the Red Cross website did, and ended up donating triple the amount I intended to.

Since my mom is coming out and I will have muchos expenses over the holiday weekend, I can't possibly to afford to over-donate (as if this is even humanly possible). Now I am trying to get through to them on their incredibly overburdened line since there is nothing on the website describing what to do in case of error.

Now I feel like the suckiest of pond scum for asking for some of the $ back even though it was a retarded glitch. Give away, but don't get too clickety on there, folks. Maybe just send them a check.

On the other hand, I had no trouble at all with this one (thank you, Avatar).

Not to mention that some scumbag company called myphotofiler.com has apparently gotten ahold of my bank account info, and I should probably clean my account out anyway, before they do.

I swear, sometimes I just want to move my account to The First National Bank of Mattress. As my friend Jim pointed out, at least there are no ATM surcharges. And the only checks I'll be bouncing are the ones I'm writing while jumping up and/or down.

Mattress, I love you.


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