Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Not really. I flunked out.

Very very slow day, mentally. I think, while in general, heat makes people stupid, overcast weather makes Southern Californickans even more stoopider.

Yeah, I talk dumb only because I thunk it.

Some shit I intuited today, together with others, in our sloth-like geniusness:

-Water is falling from the sky-!

-Hey! My pants are wet. And for once, I didn't do it-!

-I hate it when people are out and I have to answer the phones. It sucks.

-Hee hee, durr me dee ree-ceeptionist. I reeceept fer a living! OK! Me aswer fone-!

-Air conditioner repair man + ceiling tile = fall down, go boom. Almost on my head.

-Birdie + electrical wire + rain = no more birdie. :(

-From Maine's: cat pee is forever. Diamonds, not so much. When people get married, they should pour cat pee on each other. It is much more economical, plus people would be less inclined to cheat.

And I could make a killing.

-Humidity causes my hair to resemble that of an Afghan hound.

-Skinny bitches ain't friendly. They should eat something. Might improve their personality a bit.

-Some men don't enjoy having their buttocks taped together.

Go figure.


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