Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I've been like Lollybloggin' Schmee of late. Don't know where my mind is.

Possibly up my a**.

Or somebody else's.

How are you? I am fine.

My cat scratched an Indian head nickel-sized area off his rump. My other one has bad dandruff. Can you wash a cat with Head & Shoulders? I shall find out now-!

...hrm. Don't see it in their FAQ. But it says here that dandruff is generally caused by:

Malassezia, believed to be the leading cause of dandruff, is a naturally occurring fungus on the skin and is very difficult, if not impossible, to completely eliminate. However, consistent use of Head & Shoulders shampoo can help prevent and control the fungus and its flaky by-products.

"...flaky by-products"...?!

I think I just threw up.

Personally, I think it's caused by lack of scrïtchy.

Er...also? On their Hungarian site, you can enjoy the following:

1) What appears to be a graphic of a man with giant dandruff flakes flying off his head, and
2) Play "The Dandruff Game." I am just guessing this is what it's called because I don't sprik Hungarian.
3) I think I just threw up again.

Only trouble is, I can't find a program to translate the instructions for play. I've figured out how to use the arrow keys to aim and the space bar to fire, but the dandruff buggers and gross, frowny flakes ("Mr. Korpa") just seem to keep multiplying...oh no! How will I gonosz my gombat?! Now my korpát will never be megesemmisítetted...!

If you are a passing Hungarian, please to translate. Until then, I remain,

One Sad, Flakey Közülük.


P.S. On the up(-chuck)shot, since I can't understand it, there is much less throwing up-! :)


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