Wednesday, November 09, 2005


It's a boringass Wednesday but what can I say. I almost never get tired of these things. They are like junk food for your blog.

I rarely look at those "Recently Updated" links on Blogger, but it appears that they've suddenly been overtaken by pr0n blogs, i.e. Harder Erection, Longest Nipples, and Women Who Squirt.

How nice-!
those titles look scrolling by on an otherwise innocuous looking page.

Also, I am loath to pay $4/mo. to view my stats in more detail, but cripes I love these things. I get the most warped f**kers in here. Some of my more recent lovelies:

nerd kitty bucket bag
Vida Guerra farted
pubic demon tattoos
cat peeing on micro suede couch Kink is getting so specific!
spike heels crunch eggs
Flatonia horny ...yes, it is. What else is there to do there?
poening male scrotum gallery eh?, No, that's here!
shitcatcher woo...! We're #1!
fuckez francais Yes, that is but one of the many services we offer here at The Pissed Kitty Cometh.
bondaged and need to pee

Oh, my...!

Also, if you are the person from Yellow Spring, West Virginia, thank you for visiting.

Yours is possibly the worst name of a town I have ever seen.


Better than Soddy Daisy, Possum Kingdom, or Hell, TX.
Or Hondo, where they have that sign that says Welcome to Hondo, TX: This is God's Country. Please don't drive through it like hell.

I think they should put a sign up right in the middle of town that says Yellow Spring: What a Sh*thole.

How nice-!

I feel much better about where I live now.


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