Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Look, dipshit(s).

I don't sit around creating this poo all day on my hemorrhoidal ass just for you to rip off and post on your blog as if it were your own. I'VE EARNED THESE GODDAMN ASS-PUSTLES; you have not. In fact, you've (she) apparently even had time to reproduce, for crissake. The least you could do, as a wise woman told me, is to link back to me or something. Do I take credit for your squirting out a writhing, squirming HUMAN BEING, covered in a cheesy, white substance, THROUGH YOUR VAGINA?! F--- no. Nor would I want to. So KNOCK IT OFF or I will break into your house, steal your husband's sperm, make my own test tube baby, have the embryo implanted in a cow, and claim that I have produced the first human-bovine hybrid, named "SuperCowBossieBot 2008 w/Optional Vibrating Udder, model ______ (insert your surname here)."

I am seriously considering making more productive use of my time, possibly even getting a real job. Which is motherfucking sad...but I really am sick and tired of wasting my efforts just to have unimaginative dumbfucks without an original thought in their tiny heads or the ability to link make off with it. Give credit where credit is due or fuck right the fuck off.

I guess I shouldn't really expect people to have any etiquette whatsoeffin'ever with the advent of MySpace and all...



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