Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I am getting chronic stareitis and extreme eyeball poppage from OCD-ishly checking and re-checking names, if only because otherwise someone might be mistakenly credited after a movie as "Ron Erosion" or possibly "Ron Erection." And said film is not a porn.

Similarly, Smartypants Mr. Spell Check thinks "Timpson" should be changed to "Tampon" and "Laduba" to "Labia".

Yeah, I'm sure that when the credits rolled, and your name appeared mutated into a feminine hygiene product, you wouldn't be mad, naaaaaaaw.

Christ, this stresses me out. No pressure or anything. Shit could fuck people's careers, that's all.

Do me a flavor: run spell check on your name, and tell me if you get anything off-color, or if the celluloid gods just have it in for my administrative a**.

Thank you.


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