Sunday, April 09, 2006


I owe you all an apology. I've been too preoccupied to post.

Reasons to follow:

Disastrous job interview. The guy actually kept me for over two hours, I think just to torture me. Sadistic bastid.

My boss? Forgot I had an interview. Even after I specifically notified him in the following e-mail:


I have an interview tomorrow at 3:00 -
with your OK, Prissy says she can
cover. I could take it as my lunch
so she can get all of her [blah]
taken care of.

Please let me know.

His response:


FINE?!!!!! I haven't heard that since the 80's. As in, oh, Mickey, you're so-. Anyway, he forgot, and was bellowing, "where is she?!!" while I was gone. !@#$!!!

Then I got the following e-mail from the Recruiter:

Hi Pisser,

I wanted to thank you for interviewing with Sadistic Bastid today. He did decide to continue to look at other candidates as he is looking for someone with stronger financial analysis and math skills.

Uh, yeah, I kind of realized that when he kept laughing and pointing at me, and I wanted to crawl under a rock, and fukkin' DIE, thanks.

It gets worse, but I'm not going there, for now, out of concern for my own personal health and well-being, and for the nest of cobras that seem to be inhabiting my stomach of late.

The capper was the following series of e-mails from/to my Douchebag Hosebeast of a Stepmonster, below. Like I needed this right now. Please note that she cannot seem to fathom why I could possibly be acting "weird" or "distant" due to the fact that my father has come to L.A. twice in recent history, and didn't even call me during the visit(s) - not even for coffee. Not even in between whatever Very Important Mystery Thing he was doing, which I suspect, was merely visiting his Douchebag Cousins Who Are Not Very Impressed with Me Because They, Having Money, Have Never Had to Work, and Cannot Understand Why I Don't Go Back to School Full Time. Like that's an excuse:


Hey Pisser,
How are you? We would love to hear from you.

I Honestly don't know why everybody has been so distant and weird. It seems the Pissed Kitty family is at maximun [sic] disfunction [sic!]. It will pass i guess.[Your father] and [Douchey Cousin] went to [Hell, TX] for [Grandpa's] birthday several weeks ago.

We are working, [Sister Who Could Give a Fuck] going to school and working. [Sperm Donor Dad] same o. [<---?!?!!] How about you?


My response:

You're right.
Next time my father's in Los Angeles,
why don't you have him give me a call?

Her scathing retort:

You were in San Antonio for 5 days during Christmas and never came to see us. [Note: it is an hour and a half away; I did not have a car, and had just found out about his not one, but two trips to L.A. during which he not only didn't call me? But solicited other family members not to tell me he was visiting. NICE. Anyway, I'm no chump.]

We were disappointed but not angry Pisser. [Hells YES, I'm angry-! Bitch.] (Sister Who Could Give a Fuck) was looking forward to seeing you. [Bullshit - she could give a fuck. She usually leaves to be with her friends when I do visit.]

You might want to ask [Sperm Donor Dad] why he did not call you last time.


My Bullshit Detector goes off:

He came once before that and didn't call then, either.

By the way, my grandfather died.
I appreciated the call for that, also.

Oh, and I should have, but forgot to put:

P.S. Happy birthday, Bitch.

She's so clueless, it's fucking PATHETIC. I love my job/boss/werk/fambly-! They are GREAT!!! FINE!!! SUPER FANTASTIC-!!!

So yeah, week/-end not exactly idyllic.

How was yours...? FINE?!!!


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