Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Here goes the neighborhood. Even the kitten has fallen in with the bad element...

"Hey, maaan...whasgoin' on, homie? Ey, you wanna score some weed...? Whatchoo SAY?! Izz dis sum good sheet? Aw, yeaaaah...."

I'm not saying he's black, but he's at least half.*

And this is the splendid view I have from our (shared) balcony, which my ghetto neighbor has decided she now owns 1/3rd of:

Please note: AstroTurf®, Ghetto Plastick chairs, misc. debris, damn windchimes, silk plant collection, half-dead real plant collection, men's shirt, tire fire, washboard, jug band, hoe-down, crawfish boil well, I'm sure any day now...

Yeah, her latest thing is to bring home mostly dead floral arrangements from work and then leave them to finish dying off in plain sight before eventually chucking them into a plastic trash bag, which she also leaves on the balcony for all to enjoy.

That, and I'm pretty sure she's running an illegal youth hostel/boarding house out of her apt. Would explain a lot of things. Like how my kittycat got addicted to meth through the screen door.

And here is what I'm confronted with when I try to enjoy the "view" from MY kitchen window:

I know, I know...my windows could be cleaner, but if THIS is what I have to look at, why bother...?

Hey, at least us po' white trash keeps our dirt on the insides o' our houzes.

*Well, he is...! Lookit 'im-! OK, I'm sounding so much like my late Grandpa F, I'm scaring myself.


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