Monday, July 10, 2006


I have heard a good practical joke? Would be to get ahold of someone else's cell phone and program it so that whenever they call anyone, Caller ID will display "Mr. Kitten".

Sounds good, but I am not sma...uh, geeky enough to figure that shit out.

Cranky thought it would be funny, while I was in the restroom (peeing), to send an urgent message saying, "Need directions-!" to everyone in my phone, up to and including my boss.

So, I'm thinking I'll either (see above), and/or switch him to Cingular, so when he is not paying attention (peeing), I can change his ringtone to play I Want Your Sex.

(That, or something even more horrifying...hint: rich, skanky, talentless).

Either way, I'll fix his wagon. He might as well legally change his name to "Mr. Gaylord 'Bottom' Kitten, Esq."


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