Friday, August 04, 2006


I was just having a conversation via Gmail with a girlfriend who recently lost a pet. We were discussing the very sensitive (or so I thought) subject of cremation, and Gmail decided to helpfully provide the following links through AdSense or whatever annoying program they have spying on your e-mail ("Gmail uses a completely automated process to provide useful information and relevant ads in the sidebar of your Gmail account pages...no humans will read the content of your email in order to target such advertisements or related information." Yeah, right):

LifeGem Memorial Diamonds
Certified diamonds created from the carbon of your beloved pet. www.LifeGem.com

Neptune Society Cremation
In Southern California we have made cremation simple for 34 years. www.NeptuneSociety.com

Classic Cremation Urns
Great selection at reasonable price An incredible urn website www.CremationUrnFactory.com

Memory Glass - Keepsakes
Customize your solid glass keepsake Thousands of design possibilities! www.memoryglass.com

Rays of Joy
Stained Glass Pet Cremation Urns Oil Candle, Photo and Keepsake Urns www.raysofjoy.com

Glass Cremation Urns
Contemporary glass cremation urns for those who deserve the best.

New Quality Urns $89.95
Need an Urn? Over 1000 Choices! BBB - No Sales Tax - Free Delivery www.PrestigeMemorials.com

Funeral Urns For Less
Visit Us for a Variety of Funeral Urns, Keepsakes & Cremation Jewelry www.afterlifeurns.com

What next? Urns 'R US?!! TorchDad4Less? Bar-b-YOU?!


Okay, first of all, if I wanted those links, I'd go to Google's homepage and google them, myself. Secondly, it's fucking creepy that they're e-avesdropping on your e-grief, automated program, or no...it's the virtual equivalent of having 32 overzealous cremationists and urn salesmen come crashing through your door as you're still cradling poor Fluffy's cooling, stiffening form and watching her fleas abandon ship.

Callous bastards. This is in very poor taste.

To retaliate, I am now going to start a string of e-mails on the subject of "big purple dongs" and see what pops up.


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