Monday, September 11, 2006


Such a dismal day. I turned on the "news" this morning (Good Day L.A. hardly counts as news) wanting to tune in, turn on, or drop...something, but instead, I got the reading of the 9-11 victims' memorial. Sorry, you guys but I'm too big of a wuss to honor you like I should. These things scare the bejeesus out of me. I am truly a sorry excuse for a human being. This is why I need to just give to the Red Cross and shut up.

Even the entertainment news is sad...Anna Nicole's sweet son is dead, Irwin mourned, Sacha booed, John Leguizamo...is, Schwarzenegger...said something, and Lindsay Lohan got her "beloved bag" back. (Christ, give us levity, let the spoilt bitch lose her damn overpriced shit, rob the rich and give to the poor for once, OK?)

On top of that, we just found out someone here at work is terminally ill and has about two weeks. We're trying to visit him today but if my boss gets wind of it, he might not be too pleased because unfortunately our guy was one of the "little people," and it makes me angry that some are considered not important enough to take time off of work and visit.

Fortunately, KITTENS!!! Beeker enlightened me to the need for life-affirming living in the moment this morning by appearing, in person, completely covered head-to-toe in kitty litter, eyes all big, twitching and looking like, wha' hoppen?!

I think during one of his over-enthusiastic bouts of turd covering (his and everyone else's), he must have flipped the box.

(I think it was the party hat and the balloons that got me there.)

I think I owe the universe an apology.


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