Tuesday, October 17, 2006


The Devil has morphed from a mini-corndog into a party mix of these three:

Cedarlane "Veggie" Ham & Cheese Vegetable Wraps - It's 'veggie'. It's "ham". It's greasy. "Delicious."*

Grandpa Po's Nutra Nuts (Slightly Salted) - Normally, I wouldn't eat anything containing both the words "grandpa" and "nuts," but, holy mother. These things are so addictive that you hardly notice they contain the makings of bean curd. I also like that they have a slightly unnecessary resealable thingy, as I tend to scarf the whole bag of Grandpa's...er...nuts.**

Calbee Snapea Crisps - I've been addicted to these for a while, (I prefer the Caesar flavor, but the Original doesn't get Caesar schmutz on your hands). Although...I'm beginning to suspect they are pulverized peas poured into some sort of pea-magma and then into pea-shaped molds, which makes 'em sorta reconstituted-lookin', like the Han Solo of peas.***

*found at Ralph's, which always reminds me of throwup. You know, RALPH-!'s.
**found at Whole Paycheck, Mayfair Mkt./Gelson's
***found at Trader Joe's, which I'm beginning to think is a cult; a salty snax, Devil CULT. Which explains why, after reading one of their "Fearless" flyers, I proceeded to buy everything in it.

The Devil is now mini-peanut butter cups, unless you have better ideas.


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