Wednesday, October 25, 2006


i am a unicorn
in triplicate
maybe it's a disease
cat herpes of the forehead?

could be the one who sleeps on my face
needs a bath
he smells like the san pedro fish mkt.

perhaps we will go to the carwash
with the roof down
and get all squeeky clean
and sandblast these zits off my forehead
but too hideous to leave the house
need an upside-down one of these

quick, call jessica simpson
need proactiv solution
i drank it all, *hic*
sulfur-y delicious
but i still have 1/2 teenage mutant ninja pizzaface
this stuff's no goood,
need something harder -
rat-in-hay, or whateveryoucallit

help, flesh eating bacteria
not just one Zit of Warning,
more like 101
talk about bad PMS
its eating me

i am not
an animal

-e.e. crummy


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