Thursday, November 09, 2006


You'll hear no gloating from me. We, the Peep-Hole, need to get to work. We have a lot of undoing to undo.

I'm only sorry there weren't any silly Californian wabbit propositions on the ballot this year, like not eating horse meat or Prop. Against Sending Ol' Bossie to the Glue Factory to be Made into Shoelace Caps. Whaddayoucallthosethings. Sniglet.

I guess the persistence of Goobernator II is enough bull for one year...

Don't you find it funny that all this legislative taking-out-of-trash corresponded with Brit-Brit dumping Keben Smeg-er, Federline? I know I do...frankly, I'm surprised they didn't "find" Osama bin Laden, again (he's been living in Paris Hilton's vacuous hole this whole time.)

Come to think of it? That would make PERFECT sense.

In other brain-dead news...

Have you seen these anorexic twins? There are much, much more horrible pictures - the worst cases I have ever seen, personally - and semi-living proof that having a sibling, especially one who looks like you, makes people too g_d_mn competitive. They look like dueling Skeletors. And what's really horrible is that I am laughing about the one stealing gum and a blender.

(Perhaps they should shoplift some food?)

Hrm, hot in here.


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