Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Wrongness is afoot, and it abounds.

1) How sad is it that the gentlest of all creatures, the lamb, is killed, dismembered, and disemboweled, her guts brutally ripped into segments, rolled into little rings, cheesily packaged, and forced to be deliberately stretched over the erect, veiny penises of the wrong species in order to fornicate with very possibly ugly and disease ridden females, also of the wrong species? Only to end up in the trash receptacle after being rudely abused as a receptacle, herself, for their...urrrgggh.

I wouldn't even do that to my worst enemy. Jesus, we are one f---ed up nightmare of one ugly mother of a species.

On the bright side, anyone who used NaturaLamb® brand thingies is, in essence, fucking a sheep.


2)The fact that the Trojan site is currently down, server "too busy".

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