Thursday, March 08, 2007


P*ssycat Dolls Present: The Search for The Next Doll. I would not even watch Star(f*cker) Search for America's Next Old, Bottom, Wrinkly-Twatted, Somewhat Senile Pussycat Doll. Which would probably be a helluva lot more amusing.

I already somehow (the Devil?) got reeled into America's Next Top Model (Cycle 8)...hehe, they said cycle, how apropos - but mostly just to see if what they say about Tyra's looooong, pendulous TEATS and crotchless pantyhose-with-a-hole-cut-out-so-she-can-pee thing is true, but I know it is so why do I watch? It's a sickness. Also I hate, at minimum, two of the girls and just want to see them eliminated. I can quit anytime. I CAN, TOO.

I will, however, watch this thing I first saw advertised on the back of a bus: ¡Operación Repo! because a) I am, as ever, trying to finish learning Eespeenish, and b) it is funny as hell to watch people, especially men, getting their cars taken away. They squeal like little pigs and fight like big-pantied girls, screaming and kicking like their favorite toy - i.e. penis - just got taken away. Reeheeheehee.

Si no lo puedes pagar, no lo debes comprar, assholes.


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