Saturday, May 05, 2007


Pee-lots season almost over...after next week, will be almost halfway coherent!!

Trouble is:

1) Does a groomer from PetSmart really have a better home for small dog than I can provide? What if she breaks up with her boyfriend - would that leave foster doggie in the lurch? Can a dog groomer really provide for herself + a dog? Enquiring minds want to know.

1.5) I hate people with live-in boyfriends. This dog I'm fostering needs to be on
the bed. She spoons all night, people. Why do people with boyfriends
need a dog - wouldn't the boyfriend just get in the way?!

2) I guess my real question would be, how old is she. Because is she is 22 or under, no f--ing way is she taking that dog...they'll break up for sure.

3) I really, really, fucking hate Santa Clarita. It is hell hot + ugly. If
they owned a home together, maybe it'd be a different story. But an
apt?! In fucking Santa Clarita?! What's the point of living in fucking hell hot + ugly Santa Clarita if not to have a house? I don't get it.

4) In the course of my foster doggie-ing, I have come across some pretty funny/sad dog stories. Note: I hate sad animal stories. But after my foster dog attempted to roll in/eat a dead cat which I'd been too upset to even drive by for 2+ weeks, the following are too sad/funny not to be seen (from my friend from up the coast). She went to the beach, and:

a) Her dog rolled in a dead seal.

b) Her dog went into a whale. With three other dogs. It was the grossest thing ever.

Thanks for listening,
Psycho Dog/Cat/Hamster Girl.

"When you get a partridge in a pear tree, that's it." -Cranky


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