Saturday, May 12, 2007


Well, she's not a puppy...she's an owner surrender from the Carson pound:

I think the woman who was stalking her (calling us 40x a day) might have cheezed off the woman in charge of the rescue. Meanwhile, I was only supposed to be fostering her, but we were both obviously attached & she was all, DO YOU WANT HER, YES OR NO?! Being out of my mind for various reasons (not excluding extreme cuteness), I said YES. So I got the OK from my landlady and all is well in dog/cat/hamsterville, except now my Iddy Biddy is in the hospital again :(

(Non-dog related...actually, they love each other. The pooch licks his little runny eyes/nose and cleans his ears and etc. I don't know whether to be touched or just really, really grossed out.)

Also, Kat was right...my cat boxes have never been so clean...not because I let her eat the cat candy/Almond Roca; because I have to scoop them 40x a day so that she doesn't.

She sleeps under my desk all day:

...and barks at my boss, who encourages it, and at the Vice President, who does not like dogs. Good one, brainiac...but he never comes out of his office, so it's OK.

Here she is playing "doctor" with the other dogs at work:


Shameless, isn't she?

Now if I could only get her (almost) identical sister adopted, too...they are adorable together (don't worry - I'm crazy, but I'm not that crazy.) She is virtually the same dog, but with floppy ears and longer hair.

Perhaps we should shave her, splint her ears so they stand up, and mail her to the obsessive stalker woman?!

Wait, bad idea.


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