Friday, August 03, 2007


How to Get Sued.

This freakin' made my day.

In other humor, I am about to go to the pharmacy to pick up some new crotch products, because the old ones - which is to say, nothing - ain't working. No idea why.

(I wonder if they could make it chocolate-banana pie flavored for me? Or sour apple...no, that'd be just wrong.)

Does anyone have any experience with this thing? I mean, is it fun? Can you wear it as a bracelet? Or use it as a Frisbee...?

I just hope it doesn't fall out on the floor, or the dog will get it.

Furthermore, I don't know how I feel about having that hoopijoob in my pachachca. I mean, you're supposed to take it out when you have your carotchka, but you supposedly can leave it in even when you have a dingdangdonger up there. What if, say, I got some Pillsbury Crotchrot™ during my carotchka, AND had the hoopijoob up there, AND a CramTax®, AND some Monistat Sixthousand?

I mean, how much crap can one woman shove up her hoohoodilly?!

'K, don't answer that.

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