Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Divided into 5 thingies:

1. People who say, "gee, you sure are pissed off," even after seeing the above blog title.

2. Men who are rude to females, barging ahead of them in the store, etc. Especially ones who wear mandals and probably consider themselves pro-women. Maybe it's just my Texas showing, but I think men should always treat women with grace and dignity, whether they weigh 3 lbs. or 300 lbs. - as if that woman were their own mother, daughter, or grandmother. I am a delicate fucking flower, goddamnit. I am a cocksucking princess (of nothing), but you should still offer me cuts in line. And go put on some shoes. And clip your nasty-assed toenails. And get a haircut.

3. Club cards. I wish Ralph's, Von's, Petco, RiteAid, SavOn, CVS, habla blah would just stop having them. Because I do not know where they are, and will only waste precious retail time digging for them in my purse-dog sized purse. Then, when I do not find them, I will make them give me a new one. This is a massive waste of petroleum products let alone space in the landfills.

And please do not suggest that I keep one of those pissant-sized little keyring ones on my chain, as this only leads to lost keys. Happens to me all the damn time.

4. People who smoke out their car windows. I have a convertible (that does not convert) and also no air conditioning. So by not wanting to befoul their cars, these cocksmokers are befouling mine. The funny part is, they probably also don't want to breathe their own secondhand smoke. But for other people to breathe it is OK.

Personally I think all smokers should be required to smoke with the windows rolled up and not even a vent open. They should also pull into this convenient airtight garage, and put the hose I have helpfully provided from their exhaust into their driver's side window and roll up tight, Smokeybritches!! Just a suggestion.

What. I am only trying to assist them in their quest to be dead soon.

5. The fact that in Hollywood, seeing human vomit/feces seems to be a daily occurrence. How scenic.



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