Sunday, February 03, 2008


I thought I got off easy because Cranky didn't care enough to watch the game, at least not the whole game.

Then he put it on the radio. In the car.

I said, "could you turn it down? For some strange reason, I do not enjoy the sound of 10,000 people screaming."

And you know it's way more than 10,000.

I'm sure tomorrow he'll be back to happily watching his new pre-pubescent adolescent vagina-bot crush in TERMINATOR: The Underage Chronicles, or whatever that show is. I would find it significantly less disturbing if he thought the mom was hot, but no, men cannot like anyone in their own age/height/weight range. It causes their sperm to wither and die, or something. Anyway, it's the only thing I find possibly less interesting than the Soup Or Bowl.

In other news, my post-Lasik eyeballs are always dried out, I'm always having to put drops in them, I can't wear eye makeup for a month, and the drops are making all my eyelashes fall out.

I know, I am sex. Again.


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