Friday, March 21, 2008


Actually, I take that back (especially not you, Pastor-ized John Hagee)(urrgh...shudder!...if THAT's who you meet in Heaven, I don't wanna go) but I'm just wondering about something which has confused me for a while.

If Good Friday means Jesus lit out en route to getting nailed to a cross...that isn't "good", right? That's BAD.

No...? Bad Friday?

Of course, a lot of bad things have happened, if Christ died for our sins (bad). But that's considered good, how? Also, Eve snarfed the apple = bad. But getting kicked out of Eden, so we could have Jesus, only to be murdered horribly when he turned (my age) 33 = good?!

Help me, Jeebus...but not 'til after the Gay Parade. (Notice John McCain endorses the guy, or the guy endorses John McCain, does it really matter which? And nobody snorts. Bill Clinton shakes Obama's crazy-assed minister's hand, and everybody raises hell. What was he supposed to do - flip him the bird?!)

Jeeesus Christ.

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