Monday, April 21, 2008


So did y'all see Larry King Live...? I am. So. Horrified.

First of all, that these Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints would let an otherwise decent-looking person go through life with a monobrow. And a mustache.

What, is it Wax vs. Jesus? Can't they have both...?

That hairdo alone is grounds for child abuse.

No, really, I'm not here to make fun of these ladies. Or their religious convictions against superfluous hair removal. Or their inexplicably poufy hairdos. Or their shapeless-dress-and-lumberjack-boots combo.

Actually I am mostly scared of the obvious brainwashing as they each parrot the other's statements, almost verbatim. Of their scary baby books full of pictures of women and children with no apparent fathers ever involved. And they all swear they have only nine children, and weren't married until they were 20 or 21. Riiiiiight.

I have no quarrel with "religious freedom" if it only affects the koo koos involved, however, these kids are born into this whack job factory, are given no freedom to choose, AND THEY CANNOT GET OUT. That is, unless they're boys and get kicked off the ranch at a tender age for the crime of bringing their young hot weenuses around girls of their own age, which old guys named Orrin and Nephi find threatening.

Anyway, their mothers wear Army boots.



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