Wednesday, September 30, 2009


No news is good news? Well, that's questionable, but to answer your question, which you're not asking: I've left my job (also questionable), gone back to school, and got another job (which is even more questionable. I've even been called "questionable," to my face, at the new job). Never the hell...here I am.

For 10 minutes a day. A writer I admire told me I should do that.
Which is going to mean a hell of a lot of typos, but there you are.

I am still unmarried, even more single than ever (how is that even possible?) and still pissy as hell, except possibly not quite as bad because I've lost some of the ability to care, as Kat (is Kat still around?) says, I'm about half past give-a-shit.

I still really, really, hate L.A., still need to move back to Texas, where I would be more socially acceptable. Yeah, I'm still not five-foot-nothing and anorexic. Also I wear underwear in public now.

In other news, I smell dog farts. I am trapped in a room with 4 dogs. One with a bad leg and a mystery ailment, i.e. an extremely swollen penis. More about him later.

If you're here (anybody? Anybody? Bueller...?) leave me a comment. I'd love to know what you've been up to, as I've had even less time for reading non-textbook type things than I've had for writing.


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